MLB 11 The Show: Stadium Realism and Ambiance

PlayStation Blog - Greg Batalucco // Designer, MLB:

With MLB 11 The Show, we’ve built upon our improvements to the realism by including stadium-specific jumbotrons, true-to-life out-of-town scoreboards, and weather effects such as rain and new improved skies and cloud coverage.

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NukaCola2860d ago

I am personally not a huge baseball person, but I really appreciate how much detail and attention that is put into this series. I would really like to see what Sony could do with other sports. I can't see them trying to pull from Madden, but I would definitely like to see a hockey game or something.

mugoldeneagle032860d ago

I've rented every Show game the last few years but I'm definitely buying it this year, now that we got Greinke (Go Brewers!)

But I don't think that Sony should cross over to other sports. I kind of like the way its set up with Sony/Baseball, EA/Football & Hockey, and 2K with Basketball. Each game is pretty solid, as I LOVE NBA2k and the NHL series. I think they're by far the best.

The only thing I'd like to see is 2K get a shot at the NFL license again. I think EA does Hockey too well though, don't see how Sony could compete there.

FFXI1012860d ago

I feel the same way, I was at my friend's house the other day.

We were playing GT5 in 3D then we switch to MLB the show 10 in 3D. I love GT5 and in no way I'm dissing the game but I gotta say, MLB the show10 look so GOOD in 3D(even better than GT5) It almost feel like we were watching the live game in 3D(he has a 55" plasma HD-3Dtv).

I can't wait to get the MLB the show11(30days free MLB tv on PS3 ^^)

LoveSpuds2860d ago

I am a baseball fan so may be a bit biased, but I can honestly say I have never played a better series of sports titles that The Show.

I am only sorry that I have to import it so end up waiting for a few weeks after its released in the US

Mamajuana2860d ago

I agree 100 percent with LoveSpuds. The detail, animations, gameplay, graphics, just about everything is awesome in TheShow. My favorite sports franchise, one of the main reasons I purchased a PS3 a few years ago.

SwampCroc2860d ago

as a person that has played many baseball games and overall sports games...

I am looking forward to this because for one I'm about to get a PS3... but for two while 2K11 I'm sure will be better from last year. the state I live in can't compete for the 1 million prize... either way it doesn't matter.

I've read and heard so many good things overall about The Show as a series. so I'm looking forward to picking it up.