Call of Duty Will Be the Next Guitar Hero

JI writes, "When the world heard the news yesterday that Guitar Hero is over (for now at least), and today that DJ Hero will likely suffer the same fate (indicated by the end of DLC for both titles this month), it became evident that the industry standard joke about Guitar Hero has finally come full circle and the prediction of millions of gamers has come true. The Guitar Hero franchise has been driven into the ground and is now being laid to rest, never to be seen again (or so we hope). The question I now ask is not IF but WHEN Call of Duty will suffer a similar fate..."

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Hitman07692777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Sad but extremely true!!!!!


Almost, Call of Duty isn't un-successful and cancelled yet though.

SeNiLesBack2777d ago

Not going to happen anytime soon.

Istanbull2777d ago

It will happen eventually.

Raf1k12777d ago

As long as it continues to sell it's here to stay.

Elimin82777d ago

"Call of Duty Will Be the Next Guitar Hero"...

It already is.... To me..

MY 2cents...

HolyOrangeCows2777d ago

I say it WILL happen anytime soon.

SeNiLesBack2777d ago

WOW, judging by the disagrees, a few of you want COD to die already, LOL.

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sich922777d ago


Hayabusawoman132777d ago

Sad but I agree the writing was on the wall

jaredhart2777d ago

Isn't it kinda already.

Godmars2902777d ago

Still, considering its been selling so well, even with Activision churning them out its going to take a while before they stop show a profit.

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The story is too old to be commented.