Killzone 3 Single-Player Demo Pulled from PSN

Fret not; those with PlayStation Plus can still access the demo in North America and Europe, but those that aren’t members of the PS+ club and were making Hong Kong accounts to download the demo that opportunity has now passed.

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darthv722866d ago

I did try to play the multiplayer but it would hang on looking for a game. I figured it was meant to be that I should not spoil my appetite for the full game.

I'm just so damn hungry for it...maybe a snickers will tide me over.

pangitkqb2866d ago

I've been loving both the Beta and the Demo.

In fact, the Killzone 3 demo is one of the only Demos I have ever played FOUR TIMES.

This is gonna be a good time, my friends.

Elimin82866d ago

If there's any indication of how great this game will turn out look no further than this demo.. I REALLY enjoy playing it with the MOVE! Get it people.. Get this game day one.

HolyOrangeCows2865d ago

"and were making Hong Kong accounts to download the demo that opportunity has now passed"

Darn it! I should have done that yesterday :(
I might just get PS+....heck, if it means getting Stacking and MAG for free, may as well.

nycrekid2865d ago


you are going to get much more than just Stacking and this demo for free. If you don't currently buy alot of stuff all the time on PSN then PLUS will be a revelation. pretty soon you won't have enough time to play everything.

Ravenor2865d ago

Paying for discounts, what a revelation!

Btw, you don't get MAG for free it's just a 1 hour trial.

P_Bomb2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Actually you DO get MAG for free. There is no 1 hour trial. I should know, I have the free game.

4GB, you play as much as you want whenever you want for as long as you're a PS Plus subscriber. Only thing is you have a level cap at 8 or something, but you can keep playing all the maps & modes regardless. Any XP you accumulate unlocks if you buy the game.

elpresador2865d ago

No comments on KZ3 3D yet, what it be like?

MazzingerZ2865d ago

There are 2 demos one std and one in 3D, at least in the EU PS+ section

elpresador2865d ago

yea I know, just wanted to know if ANYONE has tried the 3D one yet

TheRacingX2865d ago

I tried the demo in 3D, it is pretty good and the 3D doesn't seem as forced as the 3D in Black Ops, if you've never played an FPS in 3D it takes ALOT to get used to as targeting does have a different feel. The immersion is big though and you feel like you're on those gun rigs running around while everything is blowing up around you.

SeNiLesBack2865d ago

I got the demo. It was good but wasn't thrilled with the jetpack. It seemed weak and not enough boost. Anyone else feel the same way?

Ares84PS32865d ago


I have played th 3D version of the demo and it is amazing!!! Best 3D I've seen so far in games.

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joydestroy2866d ago

i'm a patient gamer. KZ2 and DS2 are keeping me pretty busy

TheLastGuardian2866d ago

Same here. I was planning on skipping the demo altogether since I already know I'm buying KZ3 but everyone says the demo is really awesome so I'll be playing it on the 15th.

detroit2cali2865d ago

its a good demo and the trailer at the end is epic

egidem2866d ago

WTF...I wish I had done the same...

egidem2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

As of right now, It's actually still there!...they'll pulling it off though. Grab it while you can, and if you're fortunate enough to own a 3D tv, there's a 3D demo there as well!

@Disagrees: I just started downloading it. It's exactly 1522 MB and I'm at 9% (145 MB). I live in Canada and both demos are still there. Don't know about other regions, but I can confirm that it is still there as of NOW.

Spitfire_Riggz2866d ago

Me too check malaysia though not just hong kong

miyamoto2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

yeah me too! having a blast!

both SP & MP are great fun. I love being an engineer/marksman

DigitalAnalog2865d ago

Living in Hong Kong, I did NOT know of this. My default account has always been the US version.

-End of Line

thawind2865d ago

ps+ ran out right before the demo was release damn some told me to make hong kong account yesterday..shit!!!!!!!!!

kingdavid2865d ago

Game is only 2 weeks away. No biggy if you missed out (like me)

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DFresh2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

F*** I was going to download it as soon as I got home from school.
Oh well at least I still got the Beta to mess around with until the full game comes out.

Killzone3___2866d ago

still downloading it T_T .... 65 %

PirosThe4th2865d ago

lol 1 hour left for mine!

Killzone3___2865d ago

i finished downloading it , but i get error everytime i try to install T_T .... unfair ! i downloaded 1500 gb T_T