BrutalGamer: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

Brutal Gamer writes:

Lets face it. Eden Games’ original Test Drive Unlimited got the short end of the wedge back in 2006. The game played and looked like no other. It offered up one of the very first viable open world racing games and layered it consistently well within an MMO-lite structure.

The trouble is nobody really bought the darn thing! At least not in the numbers the title deserved. In fact I only picked it up about fourteen months ago and I tend to pick up most “worthy” titles within a few months of release.

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PLAY2866d ago

This is what everyone has been getting since yesterdays PS3 "Test Drive Unlimited 2 Game Release"
(Test Drive Unlimited 2 Server is currently unavailable at this time. Please try again later.) Not to mention that you guys released a game where everyone on the North American side, got the late. When you guys never stated there would be a delay on the game.
You guys should know better! Sorry... But its annoying when game publishers boost up a game, we know and are excited to play. Then when we receive ithe game. We cant even get on and play.... I must add that "TDU Friends list and players menus" are having issues!

Known issues to fix:
1. Test Drive Unlimited 2 Server is currently unavailable at this time. Please try again later.
2. TDU Friends list and players menus
3. When viewing the map from "Birds I view" by pressing select. There is an issue where it doesn't show/update your friends and others players on the map.

For The Fans That Love & Support Your Game, TDU Franchise....

moosehound2866d ago

Sounds rough. The main release date is 11th Feb so maybe they are still working on them... The EU servers have been mostly OK at least for the past week. The last time they went down was probably over the weekend. As I said tho the game is not out until tomorrow :)

It's a definte purchase for any TDU fans regadless of these intitial teething problems.