Is Apple TV the Next Big Video Game Console?

Apple has its eyes on your Xbox's prime living room real estate.

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Chris3992499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Still an ATV app store will be 99% shovelware, 1% decent software just like it is now. No threat to "core" games really, but definitely a play for casual dollars. If they get some decent studio support - Konami, Capcom, Bioware - things could get real interesting.

I'm not a member of the cult of Jobs myself. I have one of their products (iPhone), but don't drink the Kool-aid and I loathe the utterly controlled API and counter-intuitive intuiting that Apple software is fundamentally coded with. "We're going to assume that you're stupid and do everything for you! In our very specific way!" Sorta mentality.

Mr_Bun2499d ago

Anything sounds bad when you put it like that! I prefer to think of it as Apple doing the heavy thinking for me :)

jeseth2499d ago

Apple is underpowered hardware in a trendy plastic case that people who need to be the coolest in their circle buy.

Exclusives drive consoles. Apple would have none. Apple's console would be crap.

Titanz2499d ago

I would assume Sony and Microsoft have more to fear, since the majority of Nintendo consumers are apple consumers.

StbI9902499d ago

I guess you are pretty much what u state people are?

BSed fan, microsoft and sony? lol, because the iphone isn't taking consumer from 3DS ight?

THC CELL2499d ago

wont happen steve jobs hates gaming

Stealth20k2499d ago


apple is a speck in handheld gaming and nothing in console gaming

kharma452499d ago

Of course they're nothing in console gaming, they don't have one.

And they're far from a speck with regards to handhelds, the rate at which iOS gaming is growing is massive and is showing no signs of slowing.

AdventShadow012499d ago

This will be the death of video games as we know it.

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The story is too old to be commented.