Activision’s New Strategy ‘Must’ Amidst a Fractured Market

What happens when a Video Game Company has one of the hottest intellectual properties in the industry? They use it, and make a lot of money. But no matter how great, anything that’s over used will become repetitive, stale, and people will lose interest. This begs the question: How can Activision prevent what happened with Guitar Hero from happening with Call of Duty?

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FunAndGun2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Hopefully that is already starting to happen.

Stealth20k2864d ago

nintendo has been the greatest developer/publisher in the entire world for 25 years. they are the ones people should be copying

Trevonn2864d ago

so everyone should change there oppeating systems to copy windows?
all food should be like mac donalds?
all fps should copy cod?
all phones should be like nokias?
u see what i mean?

Inside_out2864d ago

Everybody and their sister starting making music based peripherals and flooded the market. Activision and Harmonix could of done some things differently but they were to busy milking the cow to notice the cow needed attention.

Shutting it down completely is good news for the competition. More market share for everyone else. Rockband, regardless how you feel about it, started the downward spiral for Guitar Hero. I've seen plug in guitars that had similar graphics with NO console system necessary for $19.99...Activision can't compete with that with there overhead. They could of done alot of different things but they have lost interest. The 20+ million units sold and billions in profit they make every time they sell a COD game is making it so.

This will open doors for other devs and for them.

TruthbeTold2864d ago

The point is, CoD is in danger as well. The market is currently over saturated with FPS' and CoD comes out every single year on console with very little that is fresh. They need an updated strategy or a severe decline is in the cards. They even stated themselves yesterday that they expect a decline with the franchise this year. Meaning a peak has probably been reached.