IGN: Killzone 3 Kill of the Day - 02/10/11

Sure, the IGN review of Killzone 3 has been up for nearly a week now, but that doesn't change the fact that you still don't have your hands on Sony's beautiful first-person shooter. Well, to make the wait a bit more bearable, IGN is going to bring you a kill (or two) from the game each and every day until it is released.

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DoomeDx2812d ago

Lame video.
even in the Demo i had better kills.

Its alot of fun to play Killone on Recruit, and play it like bulletstorm! Try to kill with style!

Example: Slide against a helghast, so he falls from the stairs, rolling into the water, or slide against a helghast pushing him 10 feet away hitting the wall. etc etc!

Lots of fun. The action is very dynamic too!

But this IGN...Your Kill of the Day series suck

Esena2812d ago

Yeah, ugh! I can't believe they give us free entertainment and coverage on video games! UGH!

GiggMan2812d ago

I don't care what everyone else is whining about but that kill at the end was bad ass...

DoomeDx2812d ago

You havent played the demo right?

That kill is nothing special, happens to me all the time