GamingAngels Opinion: Feeling Unwelcome in the Industry I Love

GamingAngel's opinion on male-dominated events in the gaming world.

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leftybrown2779d ago

So very true. There IS a difference between what's in a game and make a working event a "Boy's Only" event. Wish and hope things change.

Zinc2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

There were women at the event that were invited in a journalistic capacity. It was not boy's only. I don't agree that anything needs to change. Take it for what it's worth, not as a cause to be championed ad nauseam.

This article was the opinion of one game journalist, nothing more. Her feelings are what they are and she should be able to express them, but they are just her impression.

Not every website/blog based game journalist is going to be invited. I'm sure there were plenty of male journalists that were not.

morganfell2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Someone needs to put on their big girl panties and stop crying. Thank goodness people like Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond didn't lay around caterwauling.

Do you need to hear it again?

"Two mice fell into a bucket of cream..."

wicko2779d ago

Well, about the whole issue of preview events influencing journalism, if a journalist is letting this happen then it doesn't say much about their integrity.

As for feeling uncomfortable, honestly, it's kind of a pathetic excuse. What would happen if you had a cold or were feeling sick for some reason? You'd either not go or deal with it. I'm certain if you weren't feeling well and tried to preview a game you would have difficulty doing so. Instead of complaining about it, you do your best to deal with it.

Expecting professionalism when you're dealing with a game that involves boobs, sexual innuendo and violence just doesn't make sense. Actually, expecting professionalism in the gaming industry itself doesn't really make sense either.

mightyboot2779d ago

Oh please this is pathetic...