What Fox News Didn't Use in its Bulletstorm Smear Piece

The attack on Epic's Bulletstorm by Fox News has been getting plenty of press, but what you may not know is that Fox selectively chose the statements from interviews that would paint the game in the worst possible light. For example, M2 Research's Billy Pidgeon's comments were heavily edited and curtailed to the point where it looked like he was criticizing the title. And worse yet, Fox had a perfectly good interview with TechSavvy's Scott Steinberg, who provided quite thoughtful and rational answers... too rational for Fox's tastes it would seem.

Steinberg sent over the complete Q&A he had with Fox, which didn't use one word of it. See below

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donniebaseball2861d ago

Wow, that's crazy, but then again this is Fox we're talking about so I guess it's not all that surprising. I feel like most of the mainstream media is starting to be more fair with games but Fox is dragging them down.

Warprincess1162861d ago

lol who takes fox news seriously.

DelbertGrady2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

People who think Obama is a "socialist".

4 disagrees? I guess you guys don't know the definition of socialism either. Not many in the US have since the McCarthy era. Perhaps Obama should have spent money on the ecucational system instead of health care.

VenomProject2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Nah, he can't be a socialist.

He's BLOWN far too much money to ever be considered a socialist.

Tommykrem2861d ago

Socialism is a relative term. The socialism they had in the Soviet union differs from the socialism in most european countries.

However, tea party activists have gone way beyond calling Obama a socialist. Trying communist and marxist for starters.

despair2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

well what do you expect, they are looking for a sensationalized story on the "evil game" Bulletstorm. A logical argument that shows the baseless accusations and references other media outlets that do the same if not worse on top of the fact a "big M" on the box makes most of the point moot would not make the piece as damning would it?

Who needs fact and logical truths when you have fear and ignorance.

Excalibur2861d ago

Never let the truth get it the way of a good news story. ;)

femshep2861d ago

you know they may get annoying with them and there games are the devil line of thinking but this is bulletstorm game isn't that great to begin with......they still have the one point i gave them for trolling call of duty tho otherwise they can just shut up with there paid actors claiming about made but video game horrors

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The story is too old to be commented.