GamingAngels Review: Stacking

Review of Double Fine's Stacking for XBL by GamingAngels' Cherith: "I doubt that Russian Nesting Dolls are going to sweep the gaming nation any time soon, but Double Fine has definitely made them worth paying attention to in their newest Xbox Live Arcade game: Stacking. In Stacking, you take on the role of the smallest of the dolls in the Blackmore Family, Charlie. His father gets a job and disappears and all his older siblings are taken away from their mother to be put into indentured service. The Baron, a mean old industrialist has things in an uproar, using children as labor in all of his business ventures. One night, a letter from one of Charlie’s brothers arrives with news that he’s been forced to work shoveling coal for the trains while the labor union is on strike. Charlie sets out to save his brother."

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