The Death of the Franchise that Started a Revolution - The End of Guitar Hero

Well, dear friends and plastic peripheral obsessed gamers, it seems that the franchise that kick started the huge market of music games has finally decided to hang up its axe for good, as Activision today announced that their planned Guitar Hero for 2011 has ceased production, citing that the decline in sales in recent years has finally prompted them to call it a day. It's a sad day for the gaming franchise which kick started a musical game revolution, cluttering up our homes with plastic instruments that have no doubt been stood on, collided with, or tripped over by the vast majority of us over the years. I personally own a reasonable amount of these devices. Three guitars, a drum kit and two microphones live happily in my bedroom, the drum-kit in particular being a rather annoyingly difficult obstacle to store/avoid. With these instruments all living in my room, how do I feel about the death of this franchise? Well, I have to say I'm in two minds about it, and this is what this blog is about.

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