Death in video games: A minor inconvenience made major

Death is a natural part of gaming life, but is its treatment in many modern games outdated?

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SybaRat2781d ago

Good points...can't we get rid of the "Continue?" once and for all now?

choadley2781d ago

Disagree. It depends on how the developers implement it. When Maximo took away powerups when you died and money if you ran out of lives, you made sure you didn't take stupid risks.

femshep2781d ago

Demon souls? die once you can reclaim all your souls
die again well now your just sol......teaches you not to be stupid and rush thru

Xander-RKoS2781d ago

Depends on the game. Some games like Super Meat Boy relied on trial and error to find the best path, therefore overtly punishing dying in a game like that is detrimental to the gameplay.

Even a game like Epic Yarn which was clearly designed without death so a person can just play through it and get some of the experience, but also so the player can play the game with self-imposed challenges.

Even Fable II, got rid of death in-order to create a narrative that never starts over but also doesn't recognize the "hero" as ever randomly dying.

On the other hand though, games like Heavy Rain or Fire Emblem that take death seriously, still do kill off your characters where the story continues after characters die off for real.