Our Predictions for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

An interesting article and short list of some radical and logical predictions on items that may or may not make it into Skyrim.

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pangitkqb2868d ago

I'd like to be a werewolf in Skyrim.

I don't know where that suggestion came from, but it would be effing sweet.

RufustheKing2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

it comes from Morrowind(great game) where you could become a werewolf.

Kon2866d ago

Yep, if i remember correctly it was in the "Bloodmoon" Expansion. Good memories.

AngryTypingGuy2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I think that just like Oblivion, Skyrim will be one of, if not the single best game this generation.

Hozi892866d ago

Another prediction. It will have PS Move support.

Xfanboy2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

less hardcore than the witcher 2?

Xof2866d ago

* Players will be allowed a pet to aid them during their long hikes in the mountains of Skyrim

Like a dog or a summon creature? Doesn't seem too interesting.

* Dungeons will feature more puzzles than before, sometimes unlocking hidden passages

I'll take anything to break o the monotony. Bethesda really doesn't seem to know how to make underground areas interesting. Here's hoping this time they get it right.

* Protection spells will be more powerful to compensate mages for the lack of armor

!?!?!?! WE'RE GETTING CLASSES!?!? I've never heard this. This is HUGE news. And completely contrary to everything I've ever heard out of Bethesda. Last I checked, they WANTED players to be top-tier Mages, Thiefs, Fighters, etc. all at the same time.

* Armor and weapons will be customizable

Not really a big deal unless we can change them visually, I think.

* Pets will be able to carry a large amount of items for the player

So it's like a more tedious way of expanding the inventory screen? I hope not.

* NPCs will run and show fear of those of you who tend be a little more evil

Because that crap worked so well in Fable.

* A form of Silt Strider will make an appearance, no more “random” fast-travel

Still the same concept, pretty much a non-issue.

* The Dark Brotherhood will return, but the night mother won’t

More of the same types of quests? Huzzah.

* The Grey Fox will continue to live on

Because why do something new?

* There will be a floating island

Which would seem to imply we will see another TES game without the levitate spell.

* The ability to become a werewolf will play a prominent role in Skyrim

There's a reason wolves are on the verge of extinction. Humans kind of got the upper hand over 'em back in the Bronze age.

* A faction of cutthroats will lead you into a life of pure barbarianism

Doesn't make any sense.

* Skyrim will take 112 hours to complete

Utterly arbitrary.

* There will be a quest where you must destroy dragon eggs

What's the point?

* There will be lumber jacking

This is getting stupid now.

* Skyrim will blow your mind

I heard that before Oblivion and Fallout 3, too.

undercovrr2865d ago

You have to remember that this article is speculation that does not mean to take itself seriously

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