Raptr Passes 6 Million Users, Scores $15M In New Funding

Gaming social network Raptr says it's now brought in over six million registered users -- and closed a new $15 million financing round, bringing its funding to a total $27 million to date.

Raptr, which lets players track and share stats for games they play on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, says it continues to grow at a rate of 750,000 new users per day. The funding, led by DAG Ventures with contributions from Tenaya Capital and existing investor Accel Partners, will be used to add new features.

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kamehamehaftw2861d ago

Awesome! Can't wait for more new features.

moogle842861d ago

Great to hear. I use Raptr to track my gaming time... kind of surprises me how much I spend videogames sometimes.

SixZeroFour2861d ago

time flies when you are having fun...i too have "wtf, i spent that much time playing" moments

almehdaaol2861d ago

LOL GamaSutra has it wrong as 750,000 people per MONTH (not Day - which is wrong). 750k a day would be what though? 20 million a month? LOL.