Sony NGP & Nintendo 3DS: Last Generation Of Handhelds?

GameBlurb writes, "Is this it? Are we all witness to the final evolutionary step in handheld gaming?"

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jaidek2868d ago

It gets to a certain point that you have all you need in terms of visuals, control input and connectivity. I can see the NGP being one of the longest running handhelds.

Istanbull2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I didn't even read the article but I am 100% sure about what it is:

Smart phones>gaming handhelds?

These journalists still don't get it. On the NGP and 3DS I get to enjoy REAL games. I have an iPhone, it is plain awful and sh!tty to play a game on it.

iPhones and other phones are only good for playing flash like games like Angry Birds, Fieldrunners, Plants vs Zombies etc. Games that cost 1 or 2 bucks.

Ive (tried) to play Dead Rising and Resident Evil on iPhone. LOL it SUXSUXSUX!!

If you don't have buttons, big screen or innovation, GTFO.

NGP and 3DS are here to stay, peace out!

ComboBreaker2868d ago

I thought they were next generation?

zackacloud2867d ago

You don't have any idea how did these games (RE , DR on Iphone ver.) tortured me

I want to play it but that just impossible

MicrocutsX22868d ago

I honestly doubt it, though I do believe that the next generation of portable consoles will be completely different from what we are currently used to. The NGP and 3DS the forerunner of this.

Kamikaze1352868d ago

No....the next generation will include a bunch of extra features and use new gimmicks rather than try to become a graphical portable powerhouse.

Cryptorus2868d ago

We will probably see smaller/better handhelds, maybe one with holographic displays eventually, but the desire to play games on the go is too large for it to just be phased out after the NGP and 3DS come out.

Kiroe2868d ago

I agree that the popularity will only grow as we are becoming a on the go society. I reckon future systems will be portable in nature but at the same time offer high experiences at home.

darkecho2868d ago

Handheld consoles will probably be merged with phones, so this definitely might be the last generation of dedicated portable gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.