PS3GamerGroup: COD: Black Ops Maps coming soon (Should anybody care?)

Treyarch and Activision announced that the Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike Content Pack will launch worldwide for the PS3 on March 3rd, 2011. There will be four all-new multiplayer maps including: Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium, and Kowloon. Does anybody care anymore? Should anybody care?

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Chubear2864d ago

Does all that tough talk about MW:bo being crap just normal hot air they blow but still go out and give record breaking sales to Activision for yet another slight upgraded game w/ problematic issues

or are PS3 FPS fans going to go support a game that is dedicated to quality and using the tech of the PS3 to the best they can? We shall see.

I think Black Ops moved over 3mill in one month on the PS3. Let's see what Killzone3 does. Right now I think BO has sold over 6mill on the PS3. I'm expecting KZ3 to sell the same or more in the same time period or else PS3 FPS gamers just need to seriously STFU about how bad Activision and MW series are.

If you love MW then that's great but don't keep complaining about it's quality over and over again threatening Activision that "this time, this time I'm done!!!" over and over and over

Gamer_Z2864d ago

Well you bring up a good point, will the PS3 Black Ops players buy the map packs or not? I think they will because most people outside the gaming community (casuals) don’t know about the issues that a PS3 version of BO is having they are completely clueless to be honest. I told my friends and family about the issues but they don’t really seem to care or notice. So yeah I’m pretty sure it will sell. "Sigh"

I told my cousin about the PS3 version and he still wants to buy it =/
but thats ok let the casuals have it, they will soon get bored of it and move on to the next gaming fad.

Solidus187-SCMilk2864d ago

Cod is the best selling game on 360 and ps3 pretty much every year, regardless of if people on here like it.

One of my few friends who has a ps3, well his favorite game is COD. Most my friends with 360 are buying the the new CODs as well.

Im not sure if they will but the maps but some probably will. I dont know I just re-bought COD 4 and am surprised how few people play that now.

gorebago2864d ago

i like cod. i have no shame. i also play a ton of other video games though. people who only buy and play cod each year are weird.

SpitFireAce852863d ago

Actually the PS3 version of Blops sold 8.5Mill
what a shame that a broken game sold that much.
And so many great games get passed up...:(


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SMW2866d ago

<Looks at Black Ops>

<Looks at Killzone 3>

<Looks at Black Ops>

<Looks at Killzone 3>

<Looks at Black Ops>

<Looks at Killzone 3>

Yeah. Ok.

Ducky2864d ago

That's odd ... I was expecting one of them to turn into diamonds.

--------2864d ago

Bubbles for you, you fat hilarious son of a b-tch.

Nathaniel_Drake2864d ago

Wow what made you look at Black ops that long, was there a $100 dollar bill stuffed in the cover

plb2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

no its broke. pc/ps3 version got the shaft

--------2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

You wouldn't buy sh-tty parts for a broken car when you've got a brand new sports car arriving at the end of the month, would you?

Shackdaddy8362864d ago

Didn't this already come out?

Anyways, I made a mistake buying MW2, I didn't make that mistake a second time with BO, and I wont make that mistake again. CoD is dead to me...

dredgewalker2864d ago

Let's give it a proper burial.....better yet a cremation is more appropriate.

Ducky2864d ago

Do both.
Bury it in a volcano.

dredgewalker2864d ago

Maybe we can all take a dump on it before burying it in a volcano?

--------2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

He took a sh-t on every copy. It was essentially crap on top of crap.

dredgewalker2864d ago


If I could only take a dump on Kotick's head and then bury him, I would be the happiest gamer alive!

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Nathaniel_Drake2864d ago

Yeah it's not really top priority when you have a KZ3 coming around. I mean really??? DLC over a new game. Get real.

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