7.0 Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll Review "In many ways, Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll is a successful venture for Omega Force as it shows that they're capable of producing a quality product outside of the "Warriors" franchise. Indeed, from the perspective of story-telling, musical composition, and some of the gameplay concepts it's very impressive. The problem is that there are a lot of concepts that feel under-developed, like the disparity between the three protagonists. However, the biggest area is with the presentation - the voice acting is rather shocking. It's still a good Action RPG though, and fans of the genre will still be able to find a few enjoyable elements to satisfy them until the end."

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tweex2781d ago

I find myself being drawn to this. I'll have to ad it to my GameFly Q!

JDouglasGU2781d ago

I wish we had GameFly in Canada :(

mephman2781d ago

Seems like the game is actually pretty good, rather surprising.

Hardedge2781d ago

Sounds solid, might give this a try, will probably rent first though.

Selyah2781d ago

I watched a bit of this gameplay wise recently and i've gotta say it looks kinda fun, I am intrigued to try it sometime.

Kurisu2781d ago

I played a few minutes of the soon as I got in to a battle, I knew it wasn't for me. Probably the swiftest demo delete I've ever done.

despair2781d ago

yea I found it bogus myself, I like the concept but it was way to boring and rough.

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