GAMER-0 # 47: Games Under Attack From The Press!!!

T-Hill writes: Games are no stranger to being the victim of the press as a scapegoat for horrible parenting and violent crimes. If this trend continues do you believe our media of choice is in danger of being censored or worst…banned from distribution.

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NYC_Gamer2866d ago

the media/press= spreading propaganda bull shit like always.

HungPHATx2866d ago

Press is Scared cause the paid off bias paid off reviews are coming out

Hitman07692866d ago

This was a hot episode it really brought to light a lot of issues we need to stand up for as gamers right now. This is a major turning point where we will submit or reject censorship people, inaction will be the doom of us if we do nothing they will win at this.

BubbleSniper2866d ago

eh. i think press full of bullshit. gonna put games in pub

lic spotlight drag through the mud for awhile then press will ultimately embrace games and life go on.

this is all bullshit. some individuals who own press organizations also own game studios.

move along... more brain wash.

9thGenHero2866d ago

I think there is a serious ignorance to the gaming community when shit like what FOX pulled with their attack on Bulletstorm. I have major problems with the healthcare/medical industry calling out video games when realistically they need to look at games to promote healthy lifestyle, WTF is ADD, ADHD, etc? All those bullshit conditions go out the window when those same kids can remember all the pokemons!!