Top Selling PlayStation Network Games For The Second Half Of 2010 Revealed

Analyst firm Forecasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment gas revealed that PlayStation Network games (excluding PSOne Classics) grossed an estimated $49.4 million during the 2nd half of 2010.

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Iamback2812d ago

So what? No one is discussing these low numbers?

despair2812d ago

because they are just speculating, they have no way to measure digital content without the numbers being released by Sony.

Plus when analyst can't even get the name of a service right in a press release why would I trust them with actual numbers. From their own site press release

"PSN Plus Hits 100,000+ Estimated Monthly Users"

its PS+ and has been since launch and when you make that mistake as a supposed analyst even though it seems small its unprofessional.

They are talking about numbers from digital content when they cannot measure that, they're not worth more than this comment.

kasasensei2812d ago

That's really low numbers... how is it possible? It's US only? I'm one hundred percent sure that worldwide sales are muchhhhh bigger...