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Probably the most innovative and creatively original game to be released in a long time, and the crime of it all? It will probably go unnoticed by the masses? Stacking employs ingenious gameplay elements and a heart warming story with, of all things, Russian nesting dolls. It would seem there's more to the formulaic way of earning a 9/10.

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TooTall192749d ago

This has been an awesome bonus for plus users. Digger was supposed to be our only free PSN game this month.

Deanways2749d ago

Grrr and double GRRR to you PSN+ users!

RankFTW2749d ago

Subscribe, it's worth it and after 2 months everything is paid for.

femshep2749d ago

can you explain how it is free for psn+ if a month of PSN+ is 14.99 to begin with? doesn't seem very free to me

either way it still a great game

GodsHand2749d ago

$14.99 a month????

It cost $49.99 for a year
$17.99 for three months.

Who are you paying, because for sure your not paying Sony. Somewhere their is a middle man taking you for a ride.

despair2749d ago

3 months is $17.99 not 1 month for $14.99, thats minimum 3 free games and the 1 year is $50 and you get 3 months free so thats 15 months. I got it at launch and have gotten over $200 in games and my subscription is not up until october. Thats how its free.

fossilfern2749d ago

When did Orange start reviewing games ?

Deanways2749d ago

Long before I became games editor. Promotional blurb follows...ahem: "Orange Games promotes online, PC and mobile gaming. We have four partners, including hardcore gaming Metaboli (they also work with CVG), who supply titles for everyone to play. Quick online plays, casual games and full PC titles." Phew! Apologies and thanks.

femshep2749d ago

I need an extra 20 bucks tax return you must come back now