Moral Effect 3: The Decision-Making Compass to Mass Effect 3

Agamemnon at examines the decision-making options in Mass Effect 2, and explores the potential options for the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

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Kalowest2656d ago

Alot of good idea, about how your choices will effect you in 3.

Lirky2656d ago

I hope it starts at the final scenes of ME2 that would be crazy. Also it would be neat you go to earth like instead of space it takes place on earth where you can scan cities for minerals etc.

Kon2656d ago

The game will take place on earth

Blacktric2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Game "won't" take place on Earth. Only a part of it will. How else do you think that Shepard will find a solution to defeat Reapers? By gaining allies while searching the Milky Way of course. Think it like Dragon Age: Origins in space. Instead of gaining allies to defeat the Blight, you'll be doing the same for Reapers.

femshep2656d ago

i dont mind going to earth for what will most likely be the final battle as cliche as that would be but i don't wanna spend the whole game there i spend most of the time exploring everything in the Galaxy like im sure a lot of people do

002656d ago

the decisions will probably amount to 20 second cameos and emails, even the important ones.

Serinous2656d ago

cant wait to play the 3rd one!

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