Bulletstorm: The Revolution of the First Person Shooter Genre?

GamingBolt writes:"After playing the Bulletstorm demo on the Playstation Network I personally wasn’t absolutely in love with it, although it does show some very high potential. There are definitely no complaints about the voice acting and visuals but I’d really like to get in depth on exactly what you can expect to see, play, and experience in Bulletstorm. Along with semi innovative weapons and game play there is also is a bit of depth in the story."

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cyborg2861d ago

I know for sure it'll be bringing a LOT of money for EA esp after the Faux News drama regarding it. I can see it selling like hot cakes.

As for being innovative, skillkill thing does look promising to me but I won't be getting this day one, not when I need to buy Killzone 3. :|

gameseveryday2861d ago

I think bulletstorm will do better then Killzone 3 just due to the fact that it brings something new to the table. I mean its not ur normal fps game. Its with a twist.

I know n4gers will vote me down. But killzone 3 and bulletstorm offers different tastes with Bullestorm looking to be a better game.

starcrafter2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

"with bulletstorm looking to be a better game [than Killzone 3]"
Nope. Nowhere even close. Bulletstorm IS your normal FPS game, in fact it couldn't get much more generic, but with a twist as you say. Doesn't make it revolutionary.

IMHO the game is a solid rental at best. Really nothing special about it, from the demo.

ComboBreaker2861d ago

It's the kind of game that's fun for like 30 minutes and then never touch again.

tmoss7262861d ago

How is sliding on the ground kicking people off platforms, and pulling people in with a whip considered generic? What other game can you do that? Cause I know other games where you can revive people and pick a class.

jaidek2861d ago

I played the demo and was intrigued. I am curious to see how the campaign is. But there better be more meat to the game than just the crude humor.

halocursed2861d ago

Going by DNF's recent previews, I am now looking forward to Bulletstorm.

crystalnova20042861d ago

Must say that Bulletstorm seemed a little gimicky to me after playing the demo. Regardless it'll be interesting to see what the full game is like.

Kon2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

It has some interesting mechanics, but i wouldn't call a revolution

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The story is too old to be commented.