The Best Video Game Songs of the Past 20 Years

GameDynamo - "While there have been many notable video game themes and scores produced in the last 20 years, I wanted to move away from writing about scores (or “background noise” as many gamers like to call it), instead writing about the awesome, original songs (music and lyrics) that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing while playing video games over the past two decades or so."

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ugabugaz2861d ago

How could you possibly miss the Jazz Jackrabbit song?

Istanbull2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Making a list of the video games songs of the past 20 years? Make your list bigger. People will always disagree with so little songs in the list.

Many people won't know, but where is Terranigma, Chrono Cross, FFVI etc? You see where I get?

doa7662861d ago

the best song is "to zanarkand" from FFX

Triella2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

As someone already stated there's Soul Blade opening, but how can you just forget about :

Legend of Dragoon opening - If you still believe :

Zone of the Enders 2 opening - Beyond the Bounds :

FFIX ending song - Melodies of Life :

Goomb2861d ago

Ohh!!! Good times! Thanks for reminding me of that game. It was awesome and addictive.

Goomb2861d ago

Jazz Jackrabbit I meant. :P

ugabugaz2861d ago

Totally agree with ya :)

negroguy2861d ago

Hmm no Chrono Cross. I personally think it still has the best intro Music.

NnT32912861d ago

I love the Portal song, very catchy Xd

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