Beyond Good & Evil HD: Brand New Screenshots Are Awesome

Check out some new screenshots of Beyond Good & Evil HD.

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Istanbull2865d ago

One of my fave games on PS2!

Yi-Long2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

... Absolute Day-One MUST-BUY!!!

(edit: unless they fuck up the local Dutch release by only including the Dutch dub)

ActionBastard2865d ago

As I look at my PS2 case of BG&E, I know I will insta-buy this on PSN.

ProjectVulcan2865d ago

Was good in HD on PC in 2003

sp1deynut2865d ago

... , and their crappy screenshot slideshow BS. In fact, I hate any site that has to go through the filter PERIOD.

eggbert2865d ago

Own this for PS2, and never finished it.


Figboy2865d ago

One of my favorite games of last generation.

I bought the Gamecube version first, but when I sold my Gamecube (a bit prematurely, but that was when I was actually anticipating the Wii, and thinking I'd get a sweet HD machine to play my GC games on), I bought the PS2 version. Still own it, still love it.

I can't wait for this HD re-release. I'd love to have BG&E on my hard drive to fire up whenever I want.

It's kind of funny, because the game upscales REALLY well on my PS3, but I'd rather have a true HD upgrade than upscaling any day.

Myst2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

For some reason I thought this game would have released by now :| as I really want to play it *Never got a chance to*

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