This is Why You Don’t Cheat, Catherine Rush Trailer

Hell Descent: Not only is cheating a horrible act, but you may do it with some mysterious demonic being that wants your soul. That looks like what’s the case with poor Vincent in the new Catherine trailer. He’s dodging his girlfriend Katherine, being seduced by Catherine, and experiencing demonic sheep filled nightmares. The poor guy could have avoided this if he didn’t think with his disco stick. But, then we wouldn’t have this hilarious game now would we?

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frjoethesecond2782d ago

Yessss. This game provides an important life lesson. But the virgins (like me) who will be the primary audience for this (like me) will never have the opportunity to cheat on anyone.

In a way it's a valuable lesson wasted.

P.S not trying to offend anyone. Just making light of my own life for humour.

dredgewalker2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Lol, this would be a perfect Valentines gift that girls should give their boyfriends :)

UltimateIdiot9112782d ago

Some girls might get jealous of the game when their BF spends too much time playing the game.

dredgewalker2782d ago

I pity the fool who would prefer to fondle their controllers rather than their girlfriends.

PirosThe4th2782d ago

Remember that study that said men prefer gaming to sex...
lol... i don't understand that...
I was like with my exgf playing games showing her .. she didnt give a crap then... i had to stop playing with games to play with her if not she got pissed HAAHA!...

Redempteur2782d ago

at least This game has 2 good things ..first the scénario is not something you see everyday in games

The production values seems on par with a good production.
i really hope this get localised