Halo 3 Achievements Locked From Viewing Until Launch Day (9/25)

Halo 3 Achievements are locked! At least from display for now, for those who managed to get Halo 3 ahead of the Tuesday release. While Microsoft will not be banning gamers for playing Halo 3 early, player's unlocked achievements will not be displayed. As you can see (or not see) on matt mayhem's gamercard (from, there are "No achievements available."

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unsunghero283772d ago

This isn't exactly a surprise... Halo 3 has been shrouded in mystery since the day we knew it existed...

vid33nyc13772d ago

If someone on your friends list has the game you can see ALL of the Achievements.I have a couple on my list that have the game.

boodybandit3772d ago

until someone that already has the game lets it be known what the achievements are now that this story has surfaced?

s8anicslayer3772d ago

wouldn't i like to be one of your friends who have halo 3 instead of waiting on line at the midnite launch for it

jackie chann3772d ago

Wouldn't this only work if you were connected to live?

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The story is too old to be commented.