My Killzone 3 Pre-Order is Going Back

From I haven’t been able to play the KZ3 beta very much, just because I couldn’t get online. After the patch last night, however, things were a lot better. I could connect no problem, and so I played several games. I was placed in several Guerilla Warfare matches right at the end, which was frustrating. But I also got to play through several full matches of Guerrilla Warfare and Warzone.

I’m going back to the store and asking for me pre-order money back. There’s no way that this is an enjoyable game. KZ3 is more frustrating than MW2 ever was.

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eterry2379d ago

i do find the Infiltrator class annoying however the great quality of the game makes up for it,and Im still gonna get the game

bageara2379d ago

so he spat the dummy lol, big deal

Istanbull2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Thank god you you are taking back your pre-order. One less annoying and crying n00b in the multiplayer!

Game on, Killzone 3 is great!

hamburger1232379d ago

What a N00b this guy is.

He doesnt understand how Killzone online works lol.

Abash2379d ago

Wow, does this guy think he's going to convince people to do the same just because he didnt take the time to get good?

Basically it's "Baaaaaw, Im not good at the game and Im not buying it now, do what Im doing please! >;("

Kleptic2379d ago

I love the 'by the time your cross hairs turn red its too late' so?...I haven't played 3 yet, but in killzone 2 everyone got pretty good at scanning your own team mates for sab' they looked different (lights weren't as bright, miss matched gear, etc.)...i would think killzone 3 would be similar...

Not to mention simply paying attention...if a 'team mate' is running at you, or doing something off like running away from actual enemies...fackin' shoot him...chances are you'll get the jump on him before he opens up on you...

yeah I get it, you'll get killed by disguised guys a lot in the beginning, but you quickly learn how to deal with them...

its just a matter of paying killzone 2, a scout was never completely invisibile...on darker maps they definitely were hard to see if they were still, but your cross hairs will still turn red if you highlight them...once you learn what types of places to be looking, they won't be nearly as problematic...

blitz06232379d ago

This is the CoD effect. People think that since they're good in CoD KZ should be a piece of cake. They need to know KZ is noob proof and CoD is noob friendly

Krypto2379d ago

Man I can't wait to open up that case! Less than 2 weeks!

Pixelated_Army2379d ago

Whoring for page hits again. *sigh*

morganfell2379d ago Show
SeNiLesBack2379d ago

Actually I agree with one and two, three never had a real problem with, and four, never played that mode so can't say for sure. Maybe three is a problem in that mode.

For one, people that are cloaked are totally invisible. Most games you can still spot them while cloaked, not KZ3. So I wouldn't mind them fixing this before launch.

Two, looking like a teammate reminded me of Team Fortress 2 and actually seems worst in KZ3. I myself get paranoid as well and noticed, I'm not alone. Teammates have unloaded on me many times when the other team has a guy or two running around looking like us.

You just have to adjust your game play for it but if you get matched up with paranoid teammates, it get's a little old getting shot by your actual teammate.

BoneIdle2379d ago

He made 4 points and all of them are wrong !!

Focker4202379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I love this game simply because of the steep learning curve. It actually takes skill to place high on the leaderboards. There is no aim assist (thank god), and you have to learn how to deal with each type of class.

If you want a game that takes no skill, play CoD. If you want a game that takes skill, strategy, and teamwork, play Killzone 3.

edit: I also noticed in Guerilla Warfare (team deathmatch) that there were a ton of Infiltrators, but in Warzone and Operations they are VERY rare.

BloodyNapkin2379d ago

Well i am having a decent time with the beta, being this is the first day i have been able to connect to a game.

But i do find the game very easy. I have played about 15 games and i have placed first everygame. KDR of 7.39 my COD KDR is only half of that.

Prototype2379d ago

Good, one less moron to deal with.

I'll admit I'm not that good with FPS's but I at least learn to adjust enough to know not to get shot/killed, connections will get dropped, learn that word "teamwork" and the most important rule - unless needed DO NOT TALK IN THE MIC.

Doletskaya2379d ago

Confirmed. Killzone 3 multiplayer is not for people who are stupid.

BubbleSniper2379d ago

for sure! noob cant handle the KZ3-AHHHHHH so

he run to the store to cancel cuz he know he gonna get own when retail goes live.

no noob AA an jetengine running in this game

like call of dookie

tissue in, cry baby.

DarkSpawnClone2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

lol i love how some of you act as if there are no problems in killzone 3 and it's the best shooter ever made and every one who doesn't like it is a "COD noobie" dose that make you guys killzone noobies when you play call of duty because you don't like it ? you must suck at cod then HMMM? yeah that's right that can't be the answer can it ? you all seem really attached to your emotions and ignore logic completely,come on now just because he doesn't like the game its not the end of the world every one is entitled to there own opinion most of the comments i see here are pathetic you are so quick to defend some thing this guy isn't even attacking,opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

I gotta say I heavily agree with #Three. Spawn camping is just horrible in both killzone 2 and 3 and it really ruins the game for me that was the biggest thing i wanted fixed in killzone 3 and it wasn't.. its a good game but it's not my cup of tea so far i think i have enjoyed BFBC2 the most out of all the shooters this gen can't wait for BF3.

TheGreat_12379d ago

Most of you guys are blind fanboys, it's his opinion and experience of the game, every single one of you who said he was wrong is simply ignorant in the fact they can't separate fact from opinion.

To the "COD made you soft" etc. I'm good at COD, and I'm good at KZ3, now what? lol Yes I'm a COD player (Excluding BO and WAW) and I'll own you on COD and on KZ2 or KZ3 open beta. A matter of fact, I'm a COD player who has a better K/D ratio on KZ3, now what? You're calling people noobs for playing COD yet KZ3 has a class where you're INVISIBLE, how much more of an easy button do you need than that?

The only thing I don't like about KZ3 is still the controls, much better from 2 but still horrible for a FPS and unrealistic. Regardless of anything, the game is fun and addicting. Fanboys will be fanboys I guess lol.

DaTruth2379d ago

The saboteurs are really hard to spot! Much more so than in Killzone 2! I was getting my @$$ handed to me by them!

Still enjoyed the game though and that was my only beef! Also, never had any problem with getting into a game!

paintsville2378d ago

Oh wait....didn't playstsion magazine give that a perfect 10????? You mean it isn't perfect? You mean this overly hyped (typical of Sony) "exclusive" dat pushes da cell to da limtis isn't the bestest thing that ever came to the marketplace? Say it ain't so!

jeseth2378d ago

Look at all the trolls coming out of their cave to try and bash KZ3.

If they spent as much time and energy demanding a wide variety of high end exclusives from Xbox as they do worrying about and talking about PS3 exclusives, maybe they would have more exclusives to rave about than PS3 exclusives to troll about.

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joydestroy2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

lol there were guys playing as the marksman yesterday that were indefinitely cloaked, and they'd just stand in doorways waiting for someone to come up and then just melee them =D

can't wait to play some different maps

@below, correct, but when you're running you can't aim. so you just run into them

eggbert2379d ago

I thought when your aiming reticule was on them, it made them visible to you.

Unless your running through doors backwards or something.

Pixelated_Army2379d ago

This is why the tactician's radar feature is so important to help prevent this kind of shit.

Ju2379d ago

Well, yeah. Time to be cautious then. Check out the environment before you start running. Almost like real life. Could be somebody behind every corner.

And, if a Marksman shoots the cloak is gone.

People need to adopt to how KZ plays, obviously. This is not HD CoD.

joydestroy2379d ago

not enough people play with different classes that i've seen so far. yesterday i finally started seeing more medics on the team

Focker4202379d ago


Exactly, I use tactition alot and you can always spot the marksman with the radar.

Bits-N-Kibbles2379d ago

Cloak can either 1. go away after a short amount of time or after your first shot. 2. go away after first shot 3. go away after first target hit/killed

HellzAssassin2379d ago

@ Focker420

The 3rd level of cloak also makes it impossible for the Tacticians scan to detect them.

But in regards to the "story" here. The game has classes for a reason. They all have their ups and downs. Tacticians can help spot Infiltrators (Which they still called 'em Sabs, so much easier to type up). But as other people had stated. You can't be a "god" in CoD and expect to come in the Killzone universe and annihilate everything. They're two different games with two different styles. Alot of people fail to understand that.

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Orange2379d ago

me fail english? that's unpossible.

Akuma212379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )


Edit:One less noob to play against.

Joni-Ice2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Its a COD NOOB...Dont you EVER in your F***ing life put COD and KZ in the same sentence the way you did.

the_best_player2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I smell "RAGE QUIT" and crying

bluwulf2379d ago

So would he cry about Team Fortress?