When will GTA 5 arrive?

Despite the news circulating on the web over the last few days, our sources whisper to us that many have it wrong and there likely will not be a Grand Theft Auto 5 release in 2011. While some speculate that it will be released yet this year, it apparently does not seem that this is going to happen despite the fact that it has been three years since the last major release in the franchise.

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Schism202661d ago

It'll get here when it gets here theres really no rush especially because of all the games releasing in 2011

Istanbull2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Rockstar doesn't announce their games 5 year from release nor 3 months from release. It usually takes them 1 or max 2 years to deliver a game. GTA IV was announced E3 2007, game released April 08.

2008: GTA IV
2009: GTA Episodes from Liberty City
2010: Red Dead Redemption
2011: L.A Noir
2012/2013: GTA V/Agent PS3 Exclusive

ksense2661d ago

well at e3 we will know. I am hoping it is Agent but it very well could be they halted all projects and are going to give gta5 before rockstar contract with take two expires on jan 2012.

the only problem is will they able to make a quality gta 5 within a year or lets say they already started a year ago so that would make it 2 years. would that be enough? I am not so sure because gta games tend to take a long time with it being open world and all and the ridiculous amount of things you can do in the game. that would kill their reputation if they do push out a crappy game just to please shareholders and rockstar wouldn't want that either if they want to be bought out by someone else at a good price. lets see what happens.

Kon2661d ago

Agent will be PS3 exclusive just like FFXIII and LA Noire were

vsr2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I don't know .. but I'm expecting it'll be released after AGENT. because R* north develops GTA and Agent, This time It will return to PS2 era , i.e PS3 exclusive. No need to cut content. Now PS3 install base is higher than 2008's PS3+xbox userbase

Profit > Sales.

Istanbull2661d ago

@kon: Unless the sky collapsed, unless Microsoft gave Rockstar another 500 million$, Agent will never shine on any other console.

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the_best_player2661d ago

PS4 GTA5 lol

Or do you mean the next GTA game "GTA Name"? :)

FFXI1012661d ago

I do hope they take their time, like Schism said, there're lots games will be release in 2011 so there is no need to rush it.

Besides compare to the previous GTA, GTA4 was a disappointment.

Rich16312661d ago

Whenever it gets here, I will be there day 1.

the_best_player2661d ago

Next GTA is a rent only because GTA4 not as fun/not many features as the PS2 GTA games.

danielle0072661d ago

....They better not release GTA 5 before giving me at least some effin information about Agent.

Lamarthedancer2661d ago

I know. Kind of like how Valve always announce a new game (L4D/L4D2/Portal 2) and don't give us any info on the next Half Life.

Azianphil882660d ago

agree they better show some info at E3

KillerPwned2661d ago

I think we have plenty more games to worry about then GTA 5.

I wish this crap would stop but it will come till GTA 5 is announced and released then move onto something else GTA related.

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