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Hirai: PlayStation Suite Could be Google TV Killer App

According to a recent interview with SCE Group CEO Kaz Hirai, they might just have a killer app in store for Google TV. (Android, Kaz Hirai, PlayStation Suite, PS Vita, PS3)

wolfehound22  +   1537d ago
Sounds awesome, I am really interested to see what the PlayStation Suite will offer.
user9422077  +   1537d ago
We'll see... PS Suite is really interesting so it may very well do so
Godmars290  +   1537d ago
For some stupid reason I'm still looking for GoogleTV to be announced as a killer app for the PS3. Be it via software or a dongle.
Sev  +   1537d ago
I would love to see that. Been wanting that for a long time.
blackpanther25  +   1537d ago
I'm with you on that MARS.....it will most likely be a dongle with two hdmi ports
Godmars290  +   1537d ago
Yeah, but it'll have to be a $99 PlayTV/Trone add-on versus the $300(?) set box w/keyboard Logtech offers. Maybe why we haven't see a cheaper alternative.

Still, as a software app for the PS3, it would be a major win for both Google and Sony. Less so, far less, than an add-on.
thebudgetgamer  +   1537d ago
a dongle?
DFresh  +   1537d ago
It's a USB Device.
Taggart451  +   1537d ago
Very interesting. I'm actually expecting the near future to completely replace traditional tv. I mean, between Netflix, Hulu Plus, and the prospect of GoogleTV, it's crazy what could happen. Hooray to progess!
NJShadow  +   1537d ago
At some point I'll be able to afford a TV that supports Google TV and honestly weigh in on the situation. =P
Chaostar  +   1537d ago
Bring Google TV to the UK dammit!!!
doctorstrange  +   1537d ago
I'm fed up waiting
guitar_nerd_23  +   1537d ago
sounds interesting for gamers who dont know they're gamers yet but i can already play all my ps1/2/psn games just fine in my ps1/2/3
Optical_Matrix  +   1537d ago
Sony has been in bed with Google for too long for this not to happen. They're really pushing this. And I think the duo of Google/Sony is brilliant. They can benefit greatly from each other. Other companies beware.
eatstatic  +   1537d ago
Could PlayStation Suite be intended to work like OnLive in a few years time???
Serinous  +   1537d ago
very interesting
Masterchef2007  +   1537d ago
i hope it comes true. Cause google TV would be godly.

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