Hirai: PlayStation Suite Could be Google TV Killer App

According to a recent interview with SCE Group CEO Kaz Hirai, they might just have a killer app in store for Google TV.

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wolfehound222440d ago

Sounds awesome, I am really interested to see what the PlayStation Suite will offer.

user94220772440d ago

We'll see... PS Suite is really interesting so it may very well do so

Godmars2902440d ago

For some stupid reason I'm still looking for GoogleTV to be announced as a killer app for the PS3. Be it via software or a dongle.

Sev2440d ago

I would love to see that. Been wanting that for a long time.

blackpanther252440d ago

I'm with you on that will most likely be a dongle with two hdmi ports

Godmars2902440d ago

Yeah, but it'll have to be a $99 PlayTV/Trone add-on versus the $300(?) set box w/keyboard Logtech offers. Maybe why we haven't see a cheaper alternative.

Still, as a software app for the PS3, it would be a major win for both Google and Sony. Less so, far less, than an add-on.

Taggart4512440d ago

Very interesting. I'm actually expecting the near future to completely replace traditional tv. I mean, between Netflix, Hulu Plus, and the prospect of GoogleTV, it's crazy what could happen. Hooray to progess!

NJShadow2440d ago

At some point I'll be able to afford a TV that supports Google TV and honestly weigh in on the situation. =P

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The story is too old to be commented.