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One of the advantages of gaming, compared to other forms of entertainment, is that the technology flies forward leaps and bounds every few years. This means that every new generation of consoles far exceeds the technical capabilities of the previous, and every few years we are greeted with the equivalent of the jump from black and white television to color television. We get huge graphical updates that show the age of past-generation games.

This means that the classics become dated much faster they should. In the same way a young child wouldn’t appreciate Citizen Kane because of the lack of color, we find games nearly unplayable after they've reached their fifth birthday. There is a way to combat this epidemic, though, and many companies have already signed on.

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greggaliffa2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

So glad you mentioned Odin Sphere. I'd have to add Okami onto this list as well. Much like Vanillaware's line up, Clover Studios was also lost in the shuffle from PS2 to PS3. With such an artistic and lush atmosphere, Okami would be perfect for an HD upgrade.

italianbreadman2862d ago

No. If Okami was remade in full HD, my eyes would never be satisfied with reality again.

greggaliffa2862d ago

it's true. it'll be like Avatar and Pandora all over again. Only with less crappy movie and more awesome game.

TheAmericnDream2862d ago

It did get re-released on the Wii, so that sort of counts. It wasn't in HD, but it was wide-screen.

DanCrabtree2862d ago

Jak and Daxter 2 is probably my favorite PS2 game of all time. It was GTA4 before GTA4 knew it was GTA4.

TheAmericnDream2862d ago

Same here. I am probably the only person on the planet who would be willing to wait a few extra years for Uncharted 3 if it meant a Naughty Dog developed Jak 4 on PS3.

Lamarthedancer2862d ago

I miss Jak and Dexter

Imagine Jak 4 where you can explore an open city world like GTA and you could just mess around and stuff, because Jak 2 and 3 were kind of open world games, not very big though

italianbreadman2862d ago

I never played a Jak & Daxter game. =-o

italianbreadman2859d ago

Buy me the best one in the series and I'll play it. :-P

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