Killzone 3: First Unboxing Videos Reveal Back Cover

Check out some first Killzone 3 unboxing videos, showing the box, the back cover and the disc.

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GamerSciz2382d ago


I noticed a screenshot of a gun that I at least haven't seen yet and kind of upset I did. I don't want things like that spoiled.

OT: The disc looks epic with the helghast eyes!

Crazyglues2382d ago

Oh that Metal Case version looks awesome, I want that one, how can I get it if I'm in the U.S.. ???


norman292381d ago

I think its UK only from Game, but maybe you could get an import off Ebay?

sam22362382d ago

*Gasp* OMFG, it's the BACK OF THE BOX!!! Quick, someone spread this all over the internet! This is obviously news!!!!

despair2382d ago

I can die happy now I saw the Back of the KZ3 box :)

LolololRumz2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

This back cover best be the most amazing back cover if I click on watch video

EDIT: Well you won't be disapointed

C L O U D2382d ago




A back cover!

oliverasadi2382d ago

ere guys dunt tell the world about this but, iv'e seen the back cover of killzone 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.