Killzone 3: two new single-player gameplay videos

Two new amazing videos of single player mode of Killzone 3

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Dante1122865d ago

Looks pretty fun. Hopefully my tax money comes through soon.

MerkinMax2865d ago

*Opens mail*
$750 financial aid refund check
Gaming just became affordable :)

thebudgetgamer2865d ago

my favorite time of the year.

Pixel_Enemy2865d ago

I just got $3,000 direct deposit from the govt! Just in time for the Helghast edition of KZ3!

karl2865d ago

can u guys explain that to me?
im always curious when u mention tax money

its tax money.. why do u get it back? its just that that doesnt happens in my country,

sadly =(

GamerPS3602865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

no matter how good the game looks, you still have to play with handicap controller.
Sony lied big time when they said that PS3 will have Keyboard and Mouse support. That was very deceitful statement.
I guess, I will be waiting until BF3 comes out for pure FPS experience.

cochise3132865d ago

stealth trolling huh? Not everyone likes KB and mouse just like not everyone likes controllers.

HeavenlySnipes2865d ago

Well maybe you should of bought this and stopped bitching.

Thoreau2865d ago

what, getting crushed by those inferior controller users????

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littledinosaur2865d ago

looks better than every fps games

thebudgetgamer2865d ago

seems like it's almost time for GoldenBuns hat removal service to return.

hiredhelp2865d ago

its still very difficult to see much differnce between the two. witch is no bad thing considering kz2 visually is even now very good to many out there.

however maybe this is due to the fact that guriilla games. are hard at work on a new IP. sony exclusive obviously.

Thoreau2865d ago

i play on a 50 inch sony flat screen, trust me there is a difference.....

hiredhelp2865d ago

sure. i trust ya. just i play on a philipes 42 inch telly with 200mhz amberlight and led 2.
i see a differnce just not a huge leap. thats all man. maybe bit more sharper but think thats to do with lighting.

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