Pre-order Homefront on Steam, get Metro 2033 free

GB writes: Didn’t own Metro 2033 yet? Then don’t buy it. Get Homefront instead.

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cakeisalie2658d ago

Coach :"Now that sounds like a PLAN" :P

badz1492658d ago

I think I might now get the game from steam. Homefront was never on my buy list but getting a free game is not so bad, right?

Pandamobile2658d ago

Nice deal. I really enjoyed Metro 2033.

CaliGamer2658d ago

Activision and EA just died a little inside when they saw someone giving out ANYTHING for free, much less a whole game.... BLASPHEMY.

Ducky2658d ago

Activision, maybe.

EA seems to have a bi-polar marketer since they gave BurnoutParadise for free to UK and then made a BC2+Vietnam bundle that was more expensive than the sum of its parts. =/

Theo11302658d ago

Also with dead space 2 on steam, instead of giving it away free to people who pre-ordered it, they only discounted it to $5. They would have increased their sale by so much buy gifting that game to the people, and it would have justified that $60 price tag. Even though I got it a week later on amazon for $40.

jashmister2658d ago

well its valve, the company that made a mistake in their VAC system that banned 12,000 people by mistake and then they unbanned them and gave them all 2 L4D2's for free (one for a friend).

hano2658d ago

What are you talking about?

It's not Valve, it's THQ's call.

Kran2658d ago

Metro 2033... Great game. Very tense and thrilling. As much as I hated the gas mask sequences, they were thrilling ;P

Can't wait for the sequel.

thebudgetgamer2658d ago

that's a deal i could get behind.

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