Guitar Hero Isn't Dead writes, "Guitar Hero is a series that will be in a special part of a music loving gamer for quite awhile, regardless of how much the general public feels the series has been milked. While Activision has stated that the gaming world won’t see a Guitar Hero title for at least this year, it’s a safe bet to say that the series will return in one form or another."

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JonahFalcon2840d ago

Yes, it has returned - as Rock Band.

Harmonix made Guitar Hero famous, remember?

Istanbull2840d ago

Rock Band ftw! Guitar Hero sucked after GH3.

BiggCMan2840d ago

Yea after 3, I really didn't enjoy any except for Metallica, and Warriors of Rock. Warriors of Rock is actually pretty awesome if you give it a shot. I just recently rented it, and enjoyed it a lot because the set list was great, and definitely the hardest since 3. If you loved 3, give Warriors of Rock a go because I think you will like it.

LycanSoldier2840d ago

I agree, Guitar Hero is not dead.

However it is being milked beyond belief.

Though I believe DLC is the best way for this series to go. Considering half of the games never added anything new except for a different setlist.

danielle0072840d ago

I think that GH was always the lead in hardcore options, even if they lagged behind on new peripherals. They have multiple hyperspeed settings, options to turn off the background business, and they allow hyperspeed during practice mode. Rock Band has none of those. They did add in pro mode and the new keyboard, but all of those options are still missing, which is kind of a major bummer.

I think if Guitar Hero takes a well-deserved break, and just sits and thinks about how to push the boundaries like Rock Band always does, and still includes all the options for the leaderboard whores who still love GH, then they could make a real comeback.

LolololRumz2840d ago

I'd take being able to play keyboard and real guitar over hyperspeed. I think Harmonix just wanted to take RB in a different direction to GH and let people learn instruments as well as play the game

sich922840d ago

i started hating the series since they released metallica

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