Halo 3 Multiplayer Map Flythrough

Halo 3 ships with eleven multiplayer maps. Three of these maps (High Ground, Snowbound, and Valhalla) will be familiar to anyone who played the Halo 3 beta. Two others (Guardian and Last Resort) will bring back warm memories of Halo 2, as they are remakes of Lockout and Zanzibar respectively.

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Daxx4100d ago

There's just sooooo much detail on these maps. During the heat of battle stuff like that can go unnoticed.

toughNAME4100d ago (Edited 4100d ago )

i was on ign and the videos were takin so long

FordGT make a post so i can give u bubbles:D

ThisIsWaiting4100d ago

looks awesome.

I cannot wait to pick this up on Tuesday!

Jdash244100d ago

wow the amazing detail in all the maps..........did anyone else notice the jackal in the window on "the pit"? Its at time 2:20

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