In-Game Killzone 2 vs Killzone 3 comparison: Which game looks better?

Gamersmint writes: As you can see, all the shots are in-game and this is probably the best comparison that we’ve seen yet.

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Karooo2783d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Halo Reach owns

Istanbull2783d ago

Killzone 2 looked great, Killzone 3 will just blow you away.

King_many_layers2783d ago

(replying just so more people can help me out with this)

does anybody else happen to find it really annoying when sites make a comparison which fails to 'compare' scenes with a similar colour/ lighting scheme ??

I just think it's pretty stupid, you don't quite get the full understanding of the differences.

DualConsoleOwner2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

yes. a 2 year old game still looks far better.

thats power of cell for you.

even the Crysis 2 console cant compete with 2 year old ps3 game.

this just goes to show how big the gap between PS3 and Xbox 360 is

Mutiplayer footage vs multiplay footage.

Ducky2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

^ Bringing console fanboyism to a comparison between two games of the same series? O.o

The power of a brain cell for you. =)

Judging by the screens, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two games. I can only identify KZ3 due to the environment/snow. =x

captain-obvious2783d ago

its hard to believe that they out done KZ2

gamer20102783d ago


This is a comparison between Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 out of curiosity to see what improvements were made.

But I have to ask, do you really think Killzone 2 looks better in those videos you posted?

DualConsoleOwner2782d ago

Texture?? far better on KZ2.

AA?? Crysis 2 got none on console. KZ2 does and KZ3 has MLAA.

Polygons?? watch the videos. KZ2 easily takes it.

btw, this is Crysis 2 CONSOLE version.

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Biggest2783d ago

The snow helps to highlight the improvements. That was smart of them to use that level for the demo/beta. Had they used a level with a darker ambiance, people may have written it off as equal to Killzone 2.

AAACE52783d ago


Stupid comparison... everyone will say Killzone 3 mainly because it's the new one and they have put more effort into it!

Ju2783d ago

Kidding me? KZ3 looks like a whole generation leap ahead of KZ2.

More going on, more effects, more of everything, new features (fluid dynamic - KZ2 doesn't have), and on top of that not a single hickup in the framerate nor tearing.

This is quite impressive.

meetajhu2783d ago

Killzone 2 looks better. After i played the killzone 3 snow demo so much jaggies everywhere i couldn't stand the quality too bad they had to compromise AA for 3d and performance. But great thing is fps is stable compared to Killzone 2. I still say Killzone 2 looks better and Killzone 3 will also be a great game.

starcrafter2783d ago

There are hardly any jaggies at all! It uses MLAA - equivalent to at least 4xMSAA, which is more than enough anti-aliasing for a 720p image. Very clean IQ, leads me to think you're just mindlessly trolling... KZ3 looks amazing - even better than KZ2!

Theonetheonly2783d ago


It has always been my experience that the lower the resolution you have to play at the more jaggies and the more AA you need. 720P hasnt been HD since HD came out. I need a lot of AA if i play a game at lower settings so that the jaggies dont get in the way, at a higher res i dont really notice jaggies as there is som many more pixels to describe lines that they don not appear jagged in the first place

RGB2783d ago

Killzone 2 Looks good but is static

Killzone 3 looks better and it's real time visuals!

Theonetheonly2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

whateva....Im talking about resolutions and aa not the coolness of kz3 or 2 I think they look good. no need to flame with the disagrees.
i havent played kz3 but I think it will be good as well.

DFresh2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

If you have a 1080P TV or Monitor KZ3 it will upscale.

KZ2 played at 720P/1080i.

Interlaced looks very close to 1080P not quite there and the smoothness when it comes to motion now is determined by the size of your monitor.

Like if you have a 40 inch or smaller you can't see it but once you get a 40 inch or above you really can easy every little detail out of order.

Progressive looks better and runs smoother.

I'm very sure the single player demo was the Alpha Code from E3 2010.
(Pretty sure it will be much better on the final version due to more polishing time.)

justinb12783d ago

I disagreed because you said -
"720P hasnt been HD since HD came out"
Because, by definition, 720p is HD

Also you inferred that 4xMSAA isn't enough anti-aliasing for a 720p image, when it is. Although 8xMSAA would provide a reasonably noticable increase in clarity of IQ 4xMSAA is more than enough to remove the distracting aliasing - pronounced aliasing isn't visible, you have to look hard to find a slightly jagged surface.

XabiTheHumble2783d ago

You do know that the beta is only 800 megabytes right? Your not going to get the same visuals as the retail version bud...

meetajhu2783d ago


I have the SP demo and its final build. Disappointing gfx but gameplay kick ass as usual

NiKK_4192783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

killzone 3 looks awesome, but i can't help but miss the art styles of 1 and 2. i loved how dark they were, killzone 3 is more colorful and cleaner, but don't get me wrong i love the way it looks especially the water, snow, and the lighting, and how the pieces of ice float on the water it looks so awesome and makes you feel cold

jammydude2783d ago

The only recent game with disappointing visuals is crysis 2 on consoles. KZ3 looks amazing and surpassed the screenshots I've seen graphically. VERY far from disappointing visually, troll

Holeran2783d ago

@meetajhu If you're concerned about KZ3 graphics try putting it on another TV, cause you are obviously playing it on a 19 inch black and white if you think the graphics aren't outstanding. And jaggies my ass, that game is as smooth as anything out there on any console.

gamer20102783d ago

I don't know what kind of anti-aliasing it is using, but meetajhu is right, the anti-aliasing was better in Killzone 2. There are a lot more jaggies in Killzone 3.

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DevilsOwn2783d ago

Killzone 3 without a doubt. But nice to see how the graphics have evolved.

LycanSoldier2783d ago

Without even looking at the screenshots.
Isn't the answer pretty obvious?

tacosRcool2783d ago

That I look prettier than both games?

Duh Killzone 3 looks better, its got the Uncharted 2 snow!

ct032783d ago

One game has a processing-intensive 3D mode, the other doesn't. So no, the answer is not obvious.

geodood2783d ago

We've seen videos and screenshots of KZ3 and played KZ2 and know how it looks already. It is obvious.

frostypants2783d ago

I find it interesting that you got all those disagrees for pointing out that it's not obvious, and yet below "jmmurillo86" makes the comment that he can't tell the difference and gets a bunch of agrees.

It's all in how you word your comment, I guess. This site is ridiculous sometimes.

jmmurillo862783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I can't tell the difference, both look mindblowing. I dare you to play KZ2 again and find how amazing it looks.

WetN00dle692783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Agreed, both titles look amazing!

I WANT KILLZONE 3 NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 22nd is still ways off.......

BubloZX2783d ago

the 22 is my Birthday!!!!!

WetN00dle692783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Well happy early birthday!
Hopefully they gift you KZ3!
Played the demo by the way AND HOLY FLYING WOMBATS its awesome! The reviewers that are giving this game bad scores need to find another job and/or stop drinking the bong water!