Nintendo 3DS Pre-Order Available for Under £200

For many, the Nintendo 3DS is the highlight of the first quarter 2011 release schedule, set to arrive on 25th March. While Nintendo refuses to be pinpointed to an exact recommended retail price (RRP), instead suggesting that they have communicated the trade price to retailers and allowed them to decide upon their own necessary margins, most high street stores are hitting a price point between £209.99 and £219.99. Today however, one retailer is offering gamers the opportunity to pre-order the system for less than £200.

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Raendom2658d ago

This is pretty good, Zavvi have it £3 more but still good (£199) if you don't feel like pre-ordering today.

nintenflo2658d ago

It's the same price in sainsburys!

Optical_Matrix2658d ago

I pre-ordered a Cosmo Black 3DS from for £199.99 a few weeks ago.

RankFTW2658d ago

Same here but I reckon it's getting cancelled since the launch games fail.

Eamon2658d ago

Same here too. With SC: Chaos Theory.

Snake-eater2658d ago

does all preorders require full payment up front, if so I will have wait ; (

tigertron2658d ago

I still won't be buying one until a 3DS Lite comes out thats cheaper. That said, I'll be attending a 3DS launch party on saturday, so it should be good to see what the 3DS has to offer.

Perjoss2658d ago

I got to play many games on a 3DS last saturday and I loved it. Day 1 for me plus a copy of Pilotwings (if it makes launch day) and possibly SSF4 too.

tigertron2658d ago

Thats cool, I've seen some pictures on Facebook and it looks like I'll be watching people dressed up as Chris and Claire Redfield. XD

Were you allowed to take pictures there?

Perjoss2658d ago

yes you can take pictures, the resident evil thing they did was terrible, but the live ken vs ryu fight was good!.

tigertron2657d ago

I have a feeling that the Resi thing isn't going to be very good, but I'm really just there for the games...and the booth babes!

tigertron2657d ago

Ok, I just got back from the event. The Street Fighter and Resi thing was really cringe worthy. I walked in the dark room and got grabbed by a zombie, only to have "Claire Redfield from STARS" (lols) get him off me and shout. I then got accidently nutted in the chin by "Chris Redfield" and then before I knew what hit me, got pushed out of the room. XD

The 3DS itself was great, especially the 3D. I got to play Zelda, DOA, Resi mercs, Nintendogs, Raving Rabbids and got to take 3D photos. However, nothing about the 3DS made me want to buy one at launch. I guess the highlight of the day was all the friendly booth babes. gigidigigidy.