6 ways to change Steam for the better

SarcasticGamer - Steam, I’ve been with you nearly a year now. It’s been one hell of a ride. Thanks to you I’ve saved countless dollars on games and, more importantly, avoided having to put up with those smug console-centric gits at my local game store.

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EddyD2656d ago

How can this list be longer than:

1) Uninstall

chak_2656d ago

You are now my personnal ennemy, as every PC gamer's on that site hehe

Anyway I love steam, I -almost- only game though it, and their latest beta screenshot feature .. I like it.

They should just lower their "new" prices a little bit, but publisher fix prices not valve, so I guess it won't happen anytime soon

-Mezzo-2656d ago

I always wanted to USE, Steam, but never had a PC good enough, so i can't say anything about it right now.

AfricanWoolf2656d ago

Steam would be a great resource if it wasn't a bandwidth whore.

Living in South Africa, Steam is all but useless. It demands fast, unlimited internet. Something I don't have :(