Reuters: Microsoft "Halo 3" wins high marks from reviewers

Reuters' Scott Hillis reports:

"Halo 3", the highly anticipated video game from Microsoft Corp, won high praise on Sunday from game reviewers who gushed over the lush settings, cinematic feel and array of multiplayer features.

The game, the final chapter of a trilogy that began in 2001 with the launch of Microsoft's original Xbox, is a key part of the company's strategy to take a bigger share of the console gaming market from Sony Corp...

Reviewers did voice a few complaints. Some said the game's graphics, while impressive, fell short of titles such as Take-Two Interactive Software's "BioShock" and "Gears of War", also from Microsoft. Others said the behavior of computer-controlled enemies wasn't very realistic...

Most critics said any shortcomings were more than made up for by unprecedented variety that includes a cooperative mode that allows four people to play together online, and editing tools to let gamers modify levels to compete against each other in "deathmatch" competitions.


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jack who4101d ago

this is why they not gona comment

Close_Second4100d ago COD4:MW, however, after seeing some of the footage of Halo 3 and the intense firefights I simply cannot wait for my copy to arrive!

I have to say that I am a little disappointed by the length of the game however, I won't be playing in "Normal" mode so hopefully will get a good 8-10 hours out of it. Which for me is long enough otherwise I start to get bored with the game.

I also hear lots of comments about the graphics and how they are not as good as other games. Well, so what. Does not look like that is a reason to be putt off the game. Now if the gameplay had been rubbish I dare say the graphics would have helped bring the score down to 7 or 8. But as it stands Halo 3 is yet another AAA Xbox 360 title.

IRONMAN_57x4100d ago

it didnt suck, but it got so boring, the plasma effects were cool though, the graphics looked mad dull but hey, its cool to blow off the aliens armor