What the Activision Closures of the Guitar Hero, True Crime Franchises Mean For Gamers

It was announced yesterday at Activision’s earnings call that they were scrapping the Guitar Hero franchise and doing away with their True Crime: Hong Kong title. Most people could care less; True Crime was never a groundbreaking series, while Guitar Hero was becoming a parody of itself and generally considered a distant second (in a two man race) to the Rock Band games

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Fir3truck2779d ago

Good old Bobby the money maker is trimming the fat so he can make more money.

will_c_752778d ago

This spells out good for Harmonix. They just went indie again, had a breakout hit with dance central, and look what happened to NBA 2k11 after the EA basketball game was shelved. Activision's upcoming line-up is horrific, mostly lisenced stuff

PureDarkness2778d ago

This is just them officially saying that they are now codvision

maxcavsm2778d ago

Damn skippy! It'll be interesting to see what comes out in 2012!

Shield2778d ago

Awwww, I was so looking forward to this...