SCE President Discusses PlayStation Suite Service

There was a roundtable Q&A session with SCE President and Group CEO Kazuo Hirai. And this article is focused on the topics related to the PSS.

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sinncross2776d ago

Good to know that games will not just be automatically accepted.

I think the most interesting point is how the PS Minis range is remaining mutually exclusive from the PS Suite service.
I'm going to assume that if Mini's don't make their way to the PS Suite on the other OS'as that they will remain an avenue for developers to develop small games strictly for the PSP/ NGP and PS3, without requiring to make games that use the touchscreen of Android phones.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how this develops. But I think this is a good move by Sony: in the long run it may even net them exclusives for their dedicated gaming devices from developers who support the PS Suite (more the smaller/ newer devs)

joeorc2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Already is gathering large 3rd party publisher in the mobile space. already a big player glu! is put out an interview:

Mobile World Congress 2011: Glu Mobile Shows Off Guitar Hero on Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Phone
PlayStation Phone opens new gaming capabilities for developers
Article | 02.13.11 | By John Gaudiosi

Sony releasing the Xperia play early before the NGP will also mean when the NGP does get released it will have more Game's in it's launch than even the PSP started with when it launched.

Playstation Suite was a very smart way to gather more developer's for not just the Playstation Suite but also the NGP will benefit greatly from it.

with Many 3rd party game engines running on even hardware that is on the level of the xperia play it's a very viable platform for game development.

to top it Off:
Mobile World Congress 2011: Nokia and Microsoft Partner to Compete in the Mobile Gaming Space
New partnership results in Nokia Windows Phones built for entertainment and games

remember what even Kaz stated:

Q: Can you tell us the platform dependency of the PSS?

Hirai: There are not only Android-based mobile devices but also Windows- and iOS-based mobile devices. If we try to support all of them from the beginning, we will run out of resources.

So, we will put priority on sales volume and focus on Android. When we put weight on sales volume, among Android-based devices, smartphones are the best and tablet PCs come second.

Q: How are you going to beat your rivals such as games for smartphones and Nintendo's "Nintendo 3DS"?

Hirai: The PSS is the answer to the question, "How do you respond to games for smartphones?" Against those games, we chose a strategy of entering the market instead of winning or losing.

Q: How do you develop games for the PSS?

Hirai: We want to open as many doors as possible for those who develop games for the PSS. The relationship with traditional developers are as important as in the past. But, to expand the relationship, we will open doors for new developers.

As for loyalty, we will discuss it from now. We have not yet decided whether it will be the same fee structure as the current ones. However, because SCE will incur some costs to run the PSS, we will do some sort of profit sharing.