Grounded Gamers Episode 16: Kaleb’s First Strike

On this episode of the Grounded Gamers, KalebKJC94, LincolnForce91, Drazial, and AmigoSniped are joined by AdmiralNahtanoj. Today, KalebKJC94 tells a little bit about First Strike the Black Ops map pack and Little Big Planet 2. We are also joined by Dan Amrich, the Social Media Manager for Activision. In the interview we talk about Blur, how he got started, and a few questions from KalebKJC94. As always send us a email at [email protected] or leave us a review on iTunes.

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AmigoSniped2862d ago

Hopefully everyone enjoys the interview with Dan Amrich.

maxcavsm2861d ago

Dan Amrich is freakin' great. Such a nice guy.

Fir3truck2862d ago

Great show guys and Kaleb didn't even rage quit when he was talking about Blops.