'Halo' movie: When, not if

Reuters media writer Scott Hillis reports:

Last October, millions of video gamers cried out in anguish as Microsoft said a movie project based on its best-selling "Halo" franchise was being postponed indefinitely. The pain was all the more acute since the company had enlisted "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson to shepherd the film through production.

Nearly a year later, the project is still in limbo, but Microsoft hopes next week's release of "Halo 3"? will jumpstart interest in transferring Master Chief's adventures to the silver screen...

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Crazyglues4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

For one to do halo justice the movie needs a huge budget, far higher then what any movie company would want to spend on a movie.

Off the top of my head, by todays standards it would be like a 250 to 300 million dollar movie budget needed.

Now that's huge and the problem is in todays market theirs a good chance you won't see that money back.

WilliamRLBaker4102d ago

kate beckensale which might be the best shoice for cortona since shes all sardonic towards master chief constantly, and kate would be good at that.


and Jamie Fox could be the sarge,.. Ms keyes is up for grabs as there are a lot of good actresses who fit her description.

I'm submitting my resume to play a grunt, (folks joke about me being short all the time).

call me hollywood, we'll do lunch.

mikeslemonade4102d ago

It has kate beckinsale, im there! Sure it's Halo it's crap but Kate Beckinsale!?