SOCOM dev working on new multiplatform game

Slant Six Games, developer of the Fireteam Bravo, Tactical Strike and Confrontation games in the SOCOM series, is working on a new multiplatform project.

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ComboBreaker2781d ago

"Last November, Slant Six was rumoured to be working on a new team-based Resident Evil game for Capcom."

Interesting... Wonder what it could be.

dragonyght2780d ago

SOCOM dev lol only zipper is worthy of that titles

sedx2780d ago

confrontation shouldn't be listed as a SOCOM title

NYC_Gamer2780d ago

why not?Sony, did hire these dudes to make that game.

nycrekid2780d ago

NYC gamer

Have you played Socom 2? Have you played Socom Confrontation? If so you would KNOW why.

red2tango2780d ago


I agree SOCOM 2 is a real SOCOM to go by, but SOCOM 4 isn't like the sequel either.

TheLastGuardian20102780d ago

It's already been confirmed it's a totally new ip (a new concept that isn't a sequel, or a prequel, or a spinoff of any kind). So there's really no point in guessing....:/

Schism202780d ago

Fireteam bravo 1 and 2 for the psp were developed by zipper not that crummy dev slant six

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