Can Bungie deliver on Kotick's big bet?

The Activision empire is pulling back on risk, but one major gamble remains.

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Stuart57562865d ago

I hope not, just to piss Bobby K off.

slate912865d ago

Umm...I hope so, just to have more good games to play. I don't know, that's just me.

AAACE52865d ago

I forgot that Bungie was on board witht them! Now I see why they killed off those franchises... They sucked anyway!

The thing that is strange is that Bungie doesn't just want to do shooters, so how will this turn out with them making different types of games?

pain777pas2865d ago

Bungie will deliver. That is all.

gypsygib2865d ago

My love of great games is greater than my dislike of Kotick's (business ideals) so I sincerely hope Bungie produces something AAAmazing.

I'm not competing with Activision in the market so why do I care if they profit, I just want great games, I don't care where they come from.

suckerpunch2865d ago

if bungie make a game that i wanna play and activition publish it, then i buy it, if not, doesn't really matter. don't really gives a shit who published it.

just traded in LBP, batman AA, FF XIII, uncharted 1, KZ 2 and MGS 4 for black ops and some cash.

suckerpunch2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

oh ! i also traded in castlevania lords of shadow, that game sucks ! the black ops is 360 version, so don't you worry, i won't experiece crapply laggy online multiplayer.

i really need the money, i need to get KZ 3 (which i will probably trade in in more than a year) and bulletstorm later this month. spent my money on my super awesome dead space 2 already, modern warfare 3 and halo CE remake, rage, uc 3, ME 3 and skyrim, gears 3 coming out later this year....

Active Reload2865d ago

Do what you have to complaints from me. You are buying NEW games that you're trading your old ones for...right?

suckerpunch2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

right. retailers in my country don't do rentals, even if they, they are so rare, i don't know and it's inconvenient to find them.

@Raendom , relevant or not, doesn't matter, i just wanna tell yu when i buy games, i only think of the quality i'm looking for, nothing else, don't care about the publisher, don't care about the platform, don't care about the fanboys. well might as well tell you how i manage my collection and how i get the money to buy new games even you don't give a shit, well you can just ignore actually, it's quite irrelevant.

@CernaML, well.....from the press and other sources, they say the 360 version is the more reliable one, i don't have PC powerful enough to run games, and there's rampant news saying the ps3 version is shitty online. as a know what i'm saying ? i haven't have the game yet so those news are the only thing i can rely on right now.

Raendom2865d ago

It's fine you trade in games, a lot of people do it, but is there any reason to do it on this article? There isn't really any relevance to that.

CernaML2865d ago

"the black ops is 360 version, so don't you worry, i won't experiece crapply laggy online multiplayer. "

I beg to differ.

Mikelarry2865d ago

Is it me or any time i see a picture of this guy i just RAGE!!!!!!!

C4BL32865d ago

Bungie to release a MMORPG on console. this is why you see PS and M$ upping their networks. "A world that is always there." Joe Staten

DFresh2865d ago

Now announcing Call of space.
(Crowd goes wild.)


Wouldn't be surprised if an announcement like that happened?


badz1492864d ago

if they are as we know them, maybe CoD: Space Rangers is next on their release schedule! :P