Sony Takes Aim At… Practically Everyone

You may recall that several months ago I wrote about the implications of “jailbreaking” your PlayStation 3. Back then, the Librarian of Congress issued an exemption from the anti-circumvention piece of the DMCA for iPhones, but remained calculatedly silent on other technology (including video game consoles). This created our current brilliant legal regime where jailbreaking an iPhone is perfectly legal, but doing the same thing on a console can land you in some pretty hot water. Well, Sony and its PS3 are back in the news (or maybe I should say “still in the news”). Why? Because they’re crazy. All right, that’s a little unfair. But indulge me, if you will, as I recap the some of the tech giant’s recent moves.

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GraySnake2861d ago

*shrugs* *goes back to playing stacking*

Elimin82861d ago

Stacking is surprisingly fun

GodsHand2861d ago

Hell, yeah it's pretty damm fun, and entertaining. I know, I would of passed this title up if it were not for it being free on the PS+ section.

GraySnake2861d ago

@ GodsHand
I agree... in fact i would have passed a lot of the titles i got for free from ps+ so its been a huge thing for me... hell ps+ introduced me to Sam&Max and my life has been completed lol.

VINNIEPAZ2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

"Sony is threatening to sue anybody posting or “distributing” the first full-fledged jailbreak code"

Well I guess that includes Kevin Butler....

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Commander_TK2861d ago

R.I.P. Phil Hartman. When he died, a bit of The Simpsons died too.

LightofDarkness2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

You're not kidding, after there was no more Hutz and McClure the series started degenerating rapidly. By season 12 or 13, the show was a mess and it hasn't been right since. Perhaps not entirely attributable to Hartman's departure, but it meant they had to focus more on other ancillary characters while the Simpsons themselves became shoddy caricatures of themselves, with the writers bending their characters and backstories to fit modern gimmicks and settings in an attempt to stay relevant.

Yeah, you can tell I was quite heartbroken when the Simpson became shitty :p

jaosobno2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

My bullshit detector just went off the charts!

Mmmkay2861d ago

please sony, just shoot me. blogs are sooo boring!

denero12861d ago

you won't get much love here these guys and logic do not compute -_-

they think its ok to pay 600 just to license something :|

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