Rebooting Final Fantasy

GameCentral offers its own thoughts on the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and why publishers are so unwilling to tamper with a successful formula.

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Kurisu2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

"The fact that Final Fantasy XIII actually made good on its promise and changed everything is highly laudable... some people clearly enjoyed it"

I was one of those people! I really did enjoy XIII, and can't wait to see what they do with XIII-2. I'm wondering whether they'll stick with the Crystarium character development system, or introduce physical levels.

About rebooting...

...I kind of think that's why Square are making so many different games under the Fabula Nova Crystallis banner. XIII, XIII-2, Versus, Type-0...all have different play styles. It's as if they're trying to create uniqe experinces for each of them.

Maybe the inevitable Final Fantasy XV will take the best bits from all of them!

XANDEO2866d ago

I enjoyed it to, whilst not the best FF (i think SE tryed to modernise it a bit to much) i enjoyed it enough to complete it and can't wait for the sequel.

Reibooi2866d ago

I personally don't get what people mean when they refer to rebooting the FF franchise.

Every game in the series aside from the few direct sequels are reboots. They have nothing to do with each other and they have completely different game play mechanics that's exactly what a reboot is.

Unless they are talking about rebooting the mythos which involves things like summons and chocobos which would be a terrible idea.

Just because a few people didn't like the most recent game(which i loved btw can't wait for FFXIII-2) doesn't mean the series needs a reboot.

GSpartan7772866d ago

<_< Exactly. The last FF series are all a reboots.

UltimateIdiot9112866d ago

I remember back in freshman year of college, I had this roommate who seriously believed that all the Final Fantasy are connected in some timeline. He wouldn't really elaborate on it but firmly stuck by that belief.

So I guess there are people out there who really does think it's sequel after sequel?

Godmars2902866d ago

The thing is, if you like XIII, if you've strongly defended it in every forum and blog in the West and even in Japan, if versus or XIII-2 are any good - it wont matter. You and other will be right there with everybody else.

On the other hand if those games fail in terms of gameplay and more importantly - what you personally think still wont matter. Square will keep to its ways, continue to put out FF titles that will only draw less and less sales, which will either lead to the end of the FF franchise or the company.

Square just needs to start delivering again.

DaTruth2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Or, you could have just played the game and liked it and not defend it in any forum, but had a great time playing it!

The reason lots of people didn't like the game is because they didn't know how to play it! You don't really know what you're doing until hour 50; long after the story is finished! If you start the game over at this point, you will wonder WTF you were doing the first time through and be getting 5 stars on every enemy!

Yes, I do realize 50 hrs is a long time to pick up a game and that was Square's biggest mistake! The combat is actually really deep with enemies that will stomp you in 10 seconds 100 hrs in with full level up and the best weapons fully powered! Saboteur and Synergist become your most important classes and you really have to choose your battle team carefully in almost every fight!

Godmars2902865d ago

And still you have a 50 hour learning curve that fails to casually convey the intricacies of the combat.

And you would have people simply buy the game and not complain about it. With that kind of mentality you may as well be playing a modded game of COD.

Its simple math: Square fails to impress, to deliver on story and gameplay, worrying more about graphics, only the most devoted will buy their product. Companies go out of business doing that.

Stealth20k2866d ago

Another one of these idiotic articles.......yawn

SuperStrokey11232866d ago

Just remake FF6 for the NGP and we will call it even for all your screw ups SE ok?

mightyboot2866d ago

I dont think their aware of that...

NiteX2866d ago

FF X was a bit of a reboot and I loved it. FF XIII is also a nice reboot and it's one of my favorite FF games now.

Godmars2902866d ago

Each title in the series is technically a reboot.

Still, with XIII, XII for that mater, a number of design and gameplay choices, regardless of sales, many people just didn't like.

Square needs to reexamine their focus of cutscenes over gameplay. I continue to believe that if they had just put in some on rail shooter segments in all of XIIIs many flying in-game movies, people would have felt more immersed and, at the very least, complaints wouldn't have reached the levels they have.

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