5 Standout Guitar Hero moments

With Guitar Hero being killed off today, what better time than now to celebrate one of the most influential and game-changing franchises of all time? Here are my 5 standout Guitar Hero moments...

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Der_Kommandant2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Bobby Kotick killed Metal

Guitar Hero's Tracklist...

all of them were memorable

TheGamerBible2812d ago

Wow he is a noob at GH. TTAF is easy to beat and I 4 starred freebird all on expert.

danielle0072812d ago

I hate when things come to an end, even when it's time. Always makes me a little sad and nostalgic. Thank goodness I still have Rock Band, or I would probably actually cry.

tsunami9012812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Sad to see such a great franchise get killed by this d#$k. If it wasn't for GH, I would've never started listening to DragonForce, and metal in general. :(

TheGamerBible2812d ago

1st off, Dragon force is a terrible band. Second, if you like metal (or any song really) just because its in GH, you are a poser, period.

juniordee2812d ago

While I do agree, there was no need for personal attacks.

danielle0072812d ago

How is he posing? He was introduced to a new music genre thanks to a game that he loved, and apparently kept listening to it.

How did you find out about metal and start loving it? Did Satan himself gift you a mix cd? Orrr -gasp- did someone or something introduce you to it?

Srsly, don't be a dick. Why the fuck do you care how people find out about bands?

tsunami9012812d ago

GH basically changed my whole view of the metal genre. Before I started listening to metal, I always thought it was just about growling vocals and extremely heavy riffs. And besides, I don't think there's any Sonata Arctica or Helloween songs in GH. Now, if you think that DragonForce is a terrible band - that's okay. It's your personal opinion. An opinion I don't even slightly respect. That is all. Move on. Troll elsewhere.

IHateYouFanboys2812d ago

my top 5 moments:

1. finishing GH2s career mode on expert. i was the first person on the official playstation forums to do so (even though i did it on 360), and pretty much noone there believed me until one of the mods there who is on my friends list compared achievements and confirmed.

2. beating my first song on expert.

3. beating TTFAF on expert.

4. beating raining blood on expert.

5. playing GH2 for the first time, i was instantly hooked. it was ~3 weeks between playing it for the first time to when i beat it on expert, i couldnt put it down lol.