Edge: Bodycount Interview

Edge: The last of our exclusive interviews with the teams behind four of 2011's most high-profile firstperson shooters.

In the final part of our series of interviews with the people behind 2011's biggest firstperson shooters, we speak to Codemasters art director, Max Cant, and game director, Andy Wilson, about standing out from the FPS crowd, going beyond accurate simulation and tinnitus.

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Inside_out2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Big, BIG fan of Stuart Black and his vision of what a game with a gun should be...make no mistake, this game has all the signatures of Stuart black, the creative designer of the under appreciated and possibly one of the best FPS's in the last ten years. He doesn't make any excuses...his games are about guns and destruction. Sure, the pencil neck bean counters tell him to throw some story in there and what not but he just wants to shoot stuff

He left the project in October but this interview here was from E3 2010...

Notice he says that they have been working on the multi-player for a while already so the game was near completion when he left.

On the topic of how it's simple. Stuart Black said build me an engine where everything is destructible. That's why the game looks the way it does. Only so much resources to go around.

It ( bodycount ) looks alot like his last game he made as part of Criterion...FPS Black but with more color. Same over the top physics and if it's red it goes boom mentality...this game was so ahead of it's time, great soundtrack as well....take a look...

Halo reach and the entire Halo franchise is full of color so I don't know why they say all FPS's use the same gray color scheme. MW2 had an incredible color palette from snowy airfield to the Brazilian

Stuart black is working on a new game...wonder if it will have guns in's FREE backwards compatible on 360