Mass Effect 3 vs Pop Will Eat Itself

In honour of the news that Clint Mansell is scoring Mass Effect 3, we've put together a playlist of some suitable tracks from his old band Pop Will Eat Itself that he could use in the soundtrack.

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ian722715d ago

I'd forgot all about that band (Pop will eat itself). I was 17 in 1989 when I first heard one of their albums, at college learning to be an electrician at the time.
One of the other lads had it and played it for us all. He had it on tape cassette.
I do feel old now.

Silly Mammo2715d ago

Used to love PWEI!! Not now James we're busy!!!

Xristo2715d ago

omg...i saw those guys with NIN and the Jim Rose Circus Freak Show back during The Downward Spiral tour 16 years ago :P

Miraak82 2715d ago

omg I love PWEI ..."at the sound of the bell, don't you know it so well..... You give me sixteen different flavors of hell"

nick_gamestribe2715d ago

Hurrah, there are other people who like the Poppies! Having had zero comments on either here or the site where I posted it I thought I was either the oldest man in videogames or that PWEI weren't as fondly remembered as I thought they would be.